world problem


SO many things have been said about today’s youth


lazy, irresponsible, drunks, and so many other horrible stuffs. But we also fail to realize that been youth of this generation is way different from been a youth in lets say in the 80s because then life isn’t so complicated as it is now.

In this 21st century the world as we know it has evolved with so many gadgets advanced technology and improved mindset so it is a 100% fact that we the youths of this generation are different


Now you can do pretty much everything without having to do anything, you earn more than a doctor in the comfort of your bedroom you can do shopping while sitting in your couch

you don’t even have to sweep your house technology has got that coverd for you.

with each passing day the youth grows lazier and lazier and there is nothing we can do about it because pretty much we create the reality we are now living and there are still more to be created.


Advanced machines have been talked about and very soon they will roam the earth and when that happens we all already know whats next the youth wont be the only concern anymore both the old and infants will then be put into consideration.


Article by prince lionel

instagram @prince_.lionel


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